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Our media, sports broadcast journalism and mentoring program offers youth of New York City a unique opportunity in media, video production and sport. Our sports broadcast journalism participants produce their television show, Kings County Chiefs Weekly, Tomahawk Talk. Recipient of the B Free Best Children's Show Award, the show is produced by the kids and stars the kids. Our broadcast journalism program creates unique opportunities for our community youth as they move on to High Schools for the Performing Arts and aspire to continue their media aspirations.

Our mentoring program is facilitated through our youth tackle football and cheerleading program. This also provides self-contained content for our sports media / broadcast journalism program. Our sports program emphasizes discipline, committment, dedication and team building. Our goal is to create exclusive high school opportunities for our youth with elite private, public and catholic high school programs.  These opportunities would otherwise not be available to our community youth. Our sports program creates a unique life experience as the teams play no local, city or state games. The program plays an out-of-town travel regular season schedule, which offers our youth an opportunity to compete and create relationships with other youth from Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware and Connecticut. We encourage the youth to engage in postgame huddles and mixers with competing teams. The youth are encouraged to exchange contact information and engage outside the scope of competition to create relationships outside of their own communities.

Our organization strives for excellence in every aspect of our program and places emphasis on attention to detail and execution of directives. These are qualities that will enrich the lives of the youth of our organization far beyond their experience with our progam. These are life skills that, not only, improve the quality of life of the youth but, also, improve the community.


Kings County Chiefs Youth Celebrity Media Advisor

Mike Hill of Fox Sports

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